Shore Conference Wrestling


State Tournament Picks


Top-seeded Wadle seems to be a lot of people's pick, and it's certainly not a bad pick, but Carmody has been my pick all season long, and I'm sticking with him here.
Pick: #2 Aidan Carmody (Livingston)

I'm big on the freshman from Delbarton, Jayden James, but isn't everybody? Top-seeded Kaaden Naame (St Augustine) has medaled twice, and experience here is always a factor down low with a lot of young wrestlers. Would love to see a James vs. Bobby Duffy (CBA) all frosh semifinal. It might be a year or two early for James to get to the top of the podium, but I'm going with him here.
Pick: #2 Jayden James (Delbarton)

Gotta love a State Champ vs State Champ final, and the potential is here with #1 Anthony Knox of St John Vianney (Champ at 113 in 2022) and #2 Daniel Jones of Delbarton (Champ at 106 in 2021). Knox beat Jones in the Beast of the East final this year, 5-2, and dethroned him in the State semis last year, 5-1.
Pick: #1 Anthony Knox (St John Vianney)

The unbeaten Luke Stanich, who was the runner-up at 120 last season and is a 3-time medalist, has been a monster this year. The big question is, "has he been tested enough?" Compared to others here, including the Top 3 seeds, he hasn't wrestled that high end schedule. It could very well be the difference here, and normally that's a reason I'd go somewhere else with the pick, but...
Pick: #4 Luke Stanich (Roxbury)

There are A LOT of eyes on the potential quarterfinal of 3-time finalist, and 2021 State Champion, #1 Anthony Santaniello of Brick Memorial and undefeated freshman phenom #9 Chase Hansen of Lower Cape May, but there's work to be done for both before we get there. That top half of the bracket really does look brutal, but in the end, have to go with...
Pick: #1 Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial)

A lot of chatter about the seeding here with a returning State Champion, and 2-time 3rd place finisher, Tyler Vazquez of Delabrton down at the #5 seed, but the loss to #4 Mateo Sgambellone of St Joe's of Montvale in the Group Finals, coupled with a Sgambellone loss to #3 Giovanni Alejandro of St Joe's of Metuchen, who split with #2 Zach Reilley of Raritan, and a #1 Alex Nini of CBA win over Sgambellone put a lot of things in motion. Seeds are ultimately just numbers, and as stacked as that top bracket is, I think Vazquez repeats.
Pick: #5 Tyler Vazquez (Delbarton)

Call me a Shore Homer, fine, but he is the #1 seed... I'm going with George. Keep an eye on #2 Yannis Charles of St Joe's of Montvale, who did beat George this season. He can be lightning in a bottle and is fun to watch. I'm picking him next year, this year.
Pick: #1 Julian George (CBA)

I wanted to stop doing picks because each year I dislike picking against Shore kids more and more. Especially top-seeded Shore kids I'm rooting for. Still, going with...
Pick: #3 Brady Conlin (St Augustine)

My head says #4 Alessio Perentin of Delbarton, the Beast of the East Champ, but I'm gonna go a little out of the box here and go with...
Pick: #7 Jordan Chapman (Cranford)

Tough to pick against the undefeated #1 Louis Cerchio of Delbarton, especially with how stacked that bottom bracket is. How much will whoever comes out of that half have left? Shore fans would love to see a potential #2 Jasiah Queen (St John Vianney) vs #3 Cole Velardi (Southern) semifinal, but beware #11 Ryan Burton of St Joe's of Montvale down here, 1 of 2 wrestlers that didn't get majored or worse against Cerchio this season in a 3-1 decision loss.
Pick: #1 Louis Cerchio (Delbarton)

Probably the toughest weight here, with two returning State Champs, #1 Simon Ruiz of Delbarton (Champ at 157 last season) and #2 Harvey Ludington (Brick Memorial) (Champ at 175 last season) and three previous finalists, #3 Sabino Portella of RBC (a finalist in 2021), #4 Jared Schoppe of Delsea (finalist at 175 last season), and #5 Joshua Palacio of North Bergen (finalist at 190 last season), as the Top 5 seeds. You can't call me a homer yet, but...
Pick: #2 Harvey Ludington (Brick Memorial)

#1 Michael Dellagatta has finished in the top 4 in each of his previous three State Tournaments. He finally gets to the top of the podium this season.
Pick: #1 Michael Dellagatta (St Joe's of Montvale)

There is no doubt the undefeated #1 seed Joseph Abill of Clifton, a 2-time medalist up at heavyweight the previous two seasons, is the real deal. In his first 31 matches this season, only ONE contested bout went the distance, an 11-2 major. The others? An injury default and 21 pins, ALL in under 70 seconds, including pins in 5, 6, and 7 seconds. How much does buzz-sawing through the first two months of the season impact things in AC where the competition level steps up tremendously? So, with that said, NOW you can call me a homer!
Pick: #7 Hudson Skove (Rumson)

We'd likely be crowning New Jersey's 5th ever 4-time State Champion if St Joe's of Montvale's Jimmy Mullen didn't have to miss the 2021 tournament to compete in the Cadet World Championships. Instead, Mullen will be looking to join Manchester's Jimmy Lawson as the only wrestlers to win 3 State Titles in the heavyweight division.
Pick: #1 Jimmy Mullen (St Joe's of Montvale)