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Region 6 Tournament
at Jackson Liberty


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Shore Conference Teams

 Brick Memorial: 70 Champs (Last: 2022)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2022


 11 Qualifiers: 106: #7 (Fr) Michael Napolitano (D-1st / 18-8)  /  113: #4 (So) Gavin Martin (D-1st / 20-9)  /  132: #1 (Sr) Anthony Santaniello (D-1st / 32-0)  /  138: #7 (Sr) Brody Elk (D-2nd / 20-12)  /  144: #15 (Jr) Thomas Prince (D-3rd / 9-7)  /  150: #6 (Jr) Mason Pirnik (D-2nd / 14-11)  /  157: #13 (Sr) Max Wright (D-2nd / 14-13)  /  165: #8 (Fr) Trey Tallmadge (D-1st / 16-8)  /  175: #1 (So) Harvey Ludington (D-1st / 34-1)  /  190: #3 (So) Ben Szuba (D-1st / 22-8)  /  Hwt: #8 (Sr) Jordan Lizardi (D-3rd / 13-13)

 Returning Placers: Martin (6th-2022)  /  Santaniello (1st-2022, 1st-2021, 1st-2020)  /  Ludington (1st-2022)

 Notes: The Stangs lead all Shore Conference teams with 70 Region Champions, 10 of them have come from the Santaniello family with father Vinnie having won 4 for the Stangs, while sons Vincent and Anthony each have 3. Anthony will not only be going for his 4th title, but he enters the tournament with 130 career wins, putting him 5th all-time on the Stangs' career leader board, one behind his brother.

Ludington is looking to make it 2 for 2 at the Regions, as he looks to continue his run towards a 2nd State Title in what a lot of people are calling this year's toughest weight in the State.


 Brick Twp: 16 Champs (Last: 2020)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2020


 5 Qualifiers: 132: #11 (So) Joseph Leskowski (D-2nd / 16-11)  /  138: #11 (Jr) Andrew Sherry (D-3rd / 24-6)  /  157: #14 (Sr) Ian Mallon (D-3rd / 19-11)  /  165: #13 (Sr) Josh Candelaria (D-2nd / 21-9)  /  Hwt: #7 (Sr) Anthony Goncalves (D-2nd / 16-7)

 Notes: Brick's 5 qualifiers is the most for the program since they sent 9 in 2016. This will be the 2nd Region appearance for both Sherry & Mallon, the Dragons' first 2-time qualifiers since Evan Tallmadge in 2019 & 2020.


 CBA: 30 Champs: (Last: 2022)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2022


 12 Qualifiers: 106: #5 (So) Alex Provines (D-3rd / 11-11)  /  113: #1 (Fr) Bobby Duffy (D-1st / 27-7)  /  120: #2 (Jr) Tyler Venet (D-1st / 10-14)  /  126: #2 (So) AJ Falcone (D-1st / 17-12)  /  138: #1 (Jr) Alex Nini (D-1st / 17-2)  /  144: #1 (Sr) Julian George (24-2)  /  150: #1 (Sr) Tyler Barrett (D-1st / 23-7)  /  157: #1 (Sr) Zander Silva (D-1st / 24-4)  /  165: #1 (Sr) Anthony Lawrence (D-1st / 13-11)  /  175: #2 (Sr) Nick Stump (D-1st / 23-10)  /  190: #4 (Sr) Peter Grippo (D-2nd / 12-17)  /  215: #1 (Sr) Rob Canterino (D-1st / 28-7)

 Returning Placers: 120: Venet (1st-2022)  /  Falcone (5th-2022)  /  Nini (1st-2022, 3rd-2021)  /  George (1st-2022, 1st-2021, 3rd-2020)  /  Barrett (1st-2022, 5th-2021, 1st-2020)  /  Silva (1st-2022, 4th-2010, 3rd-2020)  /  Lawrence (3rd-2022)  /  Stump (3rd-2022)  /  Canterino (1st-2022)

 Notes: It's the final event on Shore Conference soil for the CBA seniors who came into the program four years ago following a 3-12 season, and will be leaving it as a Top 10 program in the state. Four of those freshmen, Julian George, Tyler Barrett, Zander Silva, and Rob Canterino will all be looking to repeat as champions. For George and Silva, they will be looking for their 3rd titles, which has only been twice before at CBA. Also looking for title repeats will be Alex Nini and Tyler Venet. 

In all, the Colts have a dozen entrants in this year's tournament, 8 of whom wrestled in Atlantic City last season, and will take a stab at topping their record 7 champions last season.


 Colts Neck: 7 Champs (Last: 2022)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2022


 5 Qualifiers: 106: #9 (Fr) Ethan Michaels (D-2nd / 24-8)  /  144: #4 (Jr) Tyler Russ (D-2nd / 24-5)  /  165: #3 (Sr) Joe Layton (D-1st / 24-4)  /  175: #13 (Fr) Dean Natale (D-3rd / 13-14)  /  190: #5 (Jr) Amir Shakhnavazov (D-2nd / 23-8)

 Returning Placers: Russ (4th-2022)  /  Layton (5th-2022)

 Notes: The Cougars have a streak of six seasons with multiple medal winners at the Region Tournament. Tyler Russ was one those medalists last season, looking for his 2nd trip to Atlantic City. Senior Joe Layton was a single win away from States last year, and will looking to cap his career with a trip to the boardwalk. Ethan Michaels and Dean Natale are the first freshmen to make it to the Regions for Colts Neck since Michael Lyristis in 2019.


 Freehold Boro: 6 Champs (Last: 2020)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2022


 5 Qualifiers: 106: #11 (So) Josiah Sweeney (D-3rd / 16-12)  /  113: #6 (Jr) Sam Sheridan (D-2nd / 19-13)  /  138: #3 (Sr) Angelo Messina (D-1st / 31-2)  /  157: #6 (Sr) Andrew Fata (D-1st / 23-6)  /  165: #4 (Sr) Joe Berryman (D-2nd / 23-6)

 Returning Placers: Messina (4th-2022, 5th-2021, 3rd-2020)  /  Berryman (4th-2022)

 Notes: Messina has finished in the top 5 at Regions three times, and is looking for his third trip to Atlantic City. He became the 7th Colonial to reach 100 wins over the weekend, and enters the Regions with 102 total, 4 away from 4th place all-time at Freehold. Berryman is looking to join Messina, and his brother Niko, as the only multiple State qualifiers for the Colonials this century.


 Freehold Twp: 4 Champs (Last: 2001)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2022


 4 Qualifiers: 126: (Jr) #3 Alexander Grant (D-1st / 26-6)  /  144: #5 (Sr) Liam Flanigan (D-1st / 25-6)  /  190: #6 (Sr) Aidan Harrington (D-2nd / 25-9)  /  215: #4 (Sr) Nicholas Benjamino (D-1st / 29-7)

 Returning Placers: Grant (2022-5th)

 Notes: The Patriots have now had 4 or more Region qualifiers in 6 of the last 7 seasons and have had at least one Top 6 finisher each season since 2016.


 Howell: 41 Champs (Last: 2022)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2022


  9 Qualifiers: 120: #1 (So) Xavier Ortega (D-1st / 30-4)  /  126: #1 (Jr) Sebastian Ortega (D-1st / 31-3)  /  132: #2 (Jr) Giovanni Scafidi (D-1st / 23-3)  /  138: #8 (Jr) JJ Machnik (D-2nd / 25-9)  /  144: #3 (Sr) Kieran Bruen (D-1st / 31-5)  /  157: #7 Gavin Merkel (D-2nd / 23-8)  /  190: #1 (Sr) DJ Henry (D-1st / 30-4)  /  215: #8 (Jr) Dane Colfer (D-3rd / 12-5)  /  Hwt: #5 (Sr) Thomas Richards (D-2nd / 24-10)

 Returning Placers: X Ortega (1st-2022)  /  S Ortega (3rd-2022, 2nd-2021)  /  Scafidi (2nd-2022, 2nd-2021)  /  Bruen (3rd-2022)  /  Henry (2nd-2022, 3rd-2021)
 Notes: For the 10th consecutive season, the Rebels have at least half of their lineup at the Regions. The Rebels have a streak of 7 seasons with a Region Champion; 5 of those seasons they had multiple champions. They have also advanced at least 5 wrestlers to the State Tournament each season during that run.

Like the Poretella brothers at RBC, the Ortegas, Xavier and Sebastian, are attempting to become the first brothers in the Shore Conference to win Region Titles in the same season since Anthony and Vincent Santaniello of Brick Memorial in 2021, and joining names like Worthy (Central), Stout (Lacey), Rivera (Jackson Mem), Johnson (Jackson Mem), Russo (Jackson Liberty), Roy (Wall), and of course Skove (Long Branch), who did it 5 times with 3 different combinations of brothers . Xavier is also looking to become the 8th wrestler to win multiple Region Titles with the Rebels.
 Jackson Liberty: 6 Champs (Last: 2015)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2022


 9 Qualifiers: 106: #4 (Fr) Armani McCann (D-2nd / 20-9)  /  113: #2 (Jr) Anthony Urso (D-2nd / 18-7)  /  120: #7 (Fr) Tucker Pazinko (D-2nd / 23-8)  /  126: #7 (Sr) Peter Abline (D-3rd / 18-9)  /  150: #9 (So) Jordan Ayyash (D-3rd / 22-10)  /  157: #2 (Sr) Max Bandelt (D-2nd / 18-5)  /  190: #2 (Sr) Jake Klein (D-1st / 29-5)  /  215: #10 (Sr) Kareem Fayed (D-3rd / 19-14)  /  Hwt: #3 (Sr) Luis Valente (D-1st / 20-12)

 Returning Placers: Urso (5th-2022, 5th-2021)  /  Klein (2nd-2022)

 Notes: The Lions have had multiple Region qualifiers in every season since the program joined the varsity ranks in 2008, and their nine Region qualifiers this year is the most in program history. They'll all take a shot at getting Liberty's first Region Title since Mike and Matt Russo won back in 2015. The Lions have had a State qualifier in each of the last two seasons, and are looking for multiple qualifiers for the first time since 2016. Klein was a runner-up last last season and is looking to become Liberty's first 2-timer since the Russo brothers made their runs.

 Jackson Memorial: 52 Champs (Last: 2019)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2022

12 Qualifiers: 106: #3 (Jr) Joseph Weikel (D-1st / 23-9)  /  120: #5 (Jr) Luis Espinosa (D-3rd / 19-15)  /  126: #4 (Jr) Jonathan Espinosa (D-1st / 22-11)  /  132: #5 (Sr) Nikko Rucci (D-1st / 15-17)  /  138: #4 (Sr) Lucas Lipari (D-1st / 21-7)  /  144: #8 (Sr) Chris Wolf (D-1st / 12-16)  /  150: #3 (Jr) Cael Huxford (D-1st / 13-1)  /  157: #10 (Jr) John Calamia (D-2nd / 20-6) - OUT /  165: #2 (Sr) Justin Hamann (D-1st / 34-2)  /  190: #8 (Sr) Paul Novello (D-1st / 10-6)  /  215: #3 (Sr) Justin Krosnicki (D-2nd / 7-7)  /  Hwt: #1 (Sr) Ryan Fischer (D-1st / 32-1)

 Returning Placers: Seda (2nd-2022)  /  J Espinosa (4th-2022)  /  Lipari (6th-2022)  /  Huxford (3rd-2022)  /  Hamann (5th-2022)  /  Fischer (6th-2022)

 Notes: With the exception of the 2021 Region tournament during the Covid season where there was no District qualifying, the Jags have qualified double digit wrestlers for the Regions for four straight tournaments. The Jags 52 Region Champions trails only Brick Memorial for most all-time in the Shore Conference. 


 Lakewood: 15 Champs (Last: 2005)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2019


 1 Qualifier: 120: #12 (Sr) Saul Marin (D-3rd / 18-16)

 Notes: It's the fifth time in six seasons the Piners have a Region qualifier, with the one year they didn't being the short 2021 season.


 Long Branch: 39 Champs (Last: 2020)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2020


 11 Qualifiers: 106: #8 (Sr) Josh Renna (D-2nd / 27-9)  /  113: #15 (Sr) Ryan Beharry (D-3rd / 20-15)  /  120: #4 (Sr) James Renna (D-1st / 24-12)  /  126: #12 (Fr) Javier Guzman (D-3rd / 12-12)  /  138: #2 (Sr) Joey Giordano (D-1st / 21-1)  /  144: #7 (Jr) Daniel Ramirez (D-2nd / 22-14)  /  150: #5 (Sr) Logan Smith (D-1st / 22-7)  /  165: #10 (Jr) Cristian Cunalata (D-3rd / 16-12)  /  175: #6 (Fr) Tornick Kajaia (D-2nd / 22-14)  /  215: #11 (So) Tyler Taylor (D-3rd / 25-10)  /  Hwt: #6 (Sr) Mark Godsil (D-1st / 23-11)

 Retuning Placers: Giordano (2nd-2022, 3rd-2020)

 Notes: The Green Wave's 39 Region Champions is 6th all-time in the Shore Conference, and the 2nd highest for a Monmouth County team, behind only Howell's 41. The 11 Region qualifiers this season matches the program's all-time high, done twice previously in 2008 & 2009, which were two of LB's Group Championship teams. The Wave have not had a wrestler advance to Atlantic City since 2020, although Giordano has medaled twice previously his freshman and junior seasons while attending St John Vianney.


 Manasquan: 6 Champs (Last: 1980)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2017


 3 Qualifiers: 126: #6 (So) Michael O'Connor (D-2nd / 30-7)  /  132: #4 (Sr) Torey Falkinburg (D-2nd / 30-8)  /  Hwt: #9 (Jr) Noah Mammeri (D-3rd / 29-8)

 Returning Placer: O'Connor (6th-2022)

 Notes: For the first time since 2005, the Warriors will have three wrestlers in the Regions. They'll be looking to become Manasquan's first State qualifiers since Francis Marshall made it to the boardwalk in 2017. Even loftier goals are to win the Warriors' first Region Title since Scott Simek and Dave Crabtree in 1980. This is the 2nd Region appearance for Falkinburg and O'Connor. O'Connor was an injury replacement last season, and went on to finish in 6th place at 120.


 Monmouth: 0 Champs  /  Last Medal Winner: 2007


 1 Qualifier:  120: #10 (So) Ryan Walsh (D-2nd / 23-9)

 Notes: The Falcons have had at least one Region qualifier in 6 of the last 7 seasons, with the lone missed season being the 2021 Covid season. They're still looking for their first ever Region Champion (and man, I could have sworn Paul Schweighardt or Anthony Bongarzone won one), and their first Region medal since the aforementioned pair in 2007. Sophomore Ryan Walsh is the Falcons' first underclassmen to qualify since Kevin Cartagena Walsh in 2019. 


 Neptune: 13 Champs (Last: 2013)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2017


 2 Qualifiers: 132: #13 (So) Thomas Drea (D-3rd / 17-8)  /  157: #8 (Sr) Quincy Esannason (D-1st / 29-3)

Notes: The Fliers are back in the Regions after a year's absence, with multiple qualifiers for the 2nd time in 3 years. Quincy Esannason ended a 5 year drought without a District Champion last weekend. He, along with Drea, will take a stab at ending another of Neptune's droughts.


 Ocean Twp: 24 Champs (Last: 2022)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2022


 3 Qualifiers: 132: #7 (So) Boomer Volek (D-3rd / 28-6)  /  144: #2 (Jr) James Farina (D-2nd / 28-3)  /  165: #7 (Jr) Michael Poniros (D-2nd / 29-6)

 Returning Placer: Farina (4th-2022, 3rd-2021)

 Notes: The last time the Spartans had three Region qualifiers was in 1995 with Seth Greer, John Hardy, and John Foster. And that will be my favorite set of name drops of the week. This is Farina's third Region appearance, a 2-time medalist, and the first for Volek and Poniros. Michael Poniros is the 6th different Poniros to appear in the Regions for Ocean since 2013.


 Pt Beach: 10 Champs (Last: 2022)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2021


 4 Qualifiers: 113: #14 (Sr) Aidan Loughran (D-2nd / 20-11)  /  120: #8 (Jr) Luke DeBenedett (D-3rd / 26-8)  /  126: #8 (So) PJ Niethe (D-2nd / 26-8)  /  175: #11 (Jr) Sam Yedman (D-3rd / 15-16)

 Notes: This is the 14th time in 15 seasons the Gulls have had at least 3 Region qualifiers. They had a run of 3 consecutive seasons with a Region medal winner snapped last season. This is the 2nd Region appearance for Niethe, who is the first Gull to qualify for Regions in each of his first two seasons since Kip Lovgren and Riley Simon in 2018 & 2019.


 Pt Boro: 21 Champs (Last: 2018)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2022


  7 Qualifiers: 106: #2 (So) Joey DeAngelo (D-1st / 30-2)  /  113: #3 (So) Frankie Burgio (D-3rd / 27-5)  /  138: #5 (Sr) Nate Fletcher (D-2nd / 26-7)  /  144: #10 (Sr) Sam Scaturro (D-3rd / 13-9)  /  150: #4 (Jr) Ryan Acquisto (D-2nd / 28-7)  /  157: #3 (Sr) Jack Thompson (D-2nd / 26-5)  /  165: #12 (Sr) Tyler Criscuolo (D-3rd / 23-9)

 Returning Placers: DeAngelo (4th-2022)  /  Burgio (3rd-2022)  /  Acquisto (5th-2022)  /  Thompson (4th-2022)

 Notes: 3 of the Panthers 7 qualifiers made the trip to Atlantic City last season with Burgio placing 3rd, while DeAngelo and Thompson took 4th. The Panthers have not had a Region finalist since Ty Bailey and Billy Borowsky took 2nd in 2019, and have not had a champion since Francis Marshall won in 2018. They have had Region medal winners in 6 of the last 7 seasons.


 Shore: 4 Champs (Last: 2020)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2022


 4 Qualifiers: 106: #12 (Fr) Tory Doremus (D-3rd / 24-11)  /  150: #7 (Sr) Ty Koch (D-3rd / 28-7)  /  190: #7 (Sr) Corey Norton (D-3rd / 21-11)  /  215: #9 (Sr) Bashaar Ismail (D-2nd / 28-5)

 Notes: Led by returning qualifiers Ty Koch and Bashaar Ismail, the Blue Devils will have 4 or more Region participants for the 8th consecutive season, and multiple participants for the 11th. Shore has had at least one Region medalist in each of the last six seaons. Doremus is the Blue Devils 6th freshman in 7 years to make it to the Regions. 


 TR North: 29 Champs (Last: 2021)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2022


 2 Qualifiers: 132: #3 (Jr) Joe Dolci (D-1st / 29-8)  /  138: #6 Tristan Pedre (D-3rd / 24-10)

 Returning Placer: Dolci (4th-2022)

Notes: The Mariners have gone six seasons in a row with at least one Region medal winner. Senior Tristan Pedre is making his first Region appearance, while this is the 2nd for junior Joe Dolci, who advanced to Atlantic City last season after placing 4th last year.


 Wall: 29 Champs (Last: 2022)  /  Last Medal Winner: 2022


 7 Qualifiers: 106: (So) Michael DiBiase (D-1st / 30-5)  /  113: (So) Charlie Mahoney (D-3rd / 8-4)  /  126: (Fr) Ben Waitzel (D-3rd / 18-14)  /  132: (Sr) Dominick Interrante (D-2nd / 20-11)  /  150: (Jr) Donovan DiStefano (D-1st / 28-1)  /  157: (Sr) Will Kinsella (D-3rd / 25-8)  /  Hwt: (Sr) Kei'sun Sanders (D-1st / 28-3)

 Returning Placers: DiBiase (3rd-2022)  /  DiStefano (1st-2022, 4th-2021)  /  Sanders (6th-2021)
 Notes: The Knights have gone 11 seasons in a row with at least 1 Region medal winner. Junior Donovan DiStefano is a returning champion, and is looking to become the Knight's 3rd multi-time champion since 2015, and 5th overall. The Knights have had a Region Finalist each season since 2014, and multiple medal winners each year since 2013.



#1 (So) Michael DiBiase (Wall)  -  30-5 (NJ-WB1)
#2 (So) Joey DeAngelo (Pt Boro)  -  30-2 (NJ-WB2)
#3 (Jr) Joseph Weikel (Jackson Memorial)  -  23-9
#4 (Fr) Armani McCann (Jackson Liberty)  -  20-9

DiBiase went 2-1 versus DeAngelo this season. DiBiase won by decision at the Minuteman Invitational and the quarterfinal round of the Shore Conference Tournament, while DeAngelo won the last meeting in the SCT 3rd place match. They met four times last year with DiBiase going 3-1. DiBiase will open with the winner of Josh Renna of Long Branch and Ethan Michaels of Colts Neck. Renna has a pair of wins over Michaels this season. DiBiase pinned Renna and majored Michaels. DeAngelo's quarterfinal opponent is set as he faces D23 Champ Michael Napolitano of Brick Memorial. The winner likely gets Weikel in the semis if the seeds hold. 
PREDICTION: DiBiase (Wall)

#1 (Fr) Robert Duffy (CBA)  -  27-7
#2 (Jr) Anthony Urso (Jackson Liberty)  -  18-7 (2x-R5)
#3 (So) Frankie Burgio (Pt Boro)  -  27-5 (NJ-WB2)
#4 (So) Gavin Martin (Brick Memorial)  -  20-9 (R-6th)

Duffy defeated Urso, 4-2, in the D21 final, and pinned Martin in the opening round of the Shore Conference Tournament on his way to the 113-pound title. Urso, who has twice finished a win away from States, looked strong in his 11-3 major over Burgio in the D21 semis. He also defeated Martin in the Mustang Classic. Urso is in action on Friday night against Ryan Beharry of Long Branch. Burgio advanced to AC last season after placing 3rd in R6 at this weight. Burgio opens with Aidan Loughran of rival Pt Beach, who he pinned in Boro's dual win over the Gulls. Martin, the D23 Champ has his quarterfinal opponent set, as he takes on D22 Champ Charles Case of Allentown.

#1 (So) Xavier Ortega (Howell)  -  30-4 (NJ-WB3)
#2 (Jr) Tyler Venet (CBA)  -  10-14 (NJ-WB2)
#3 (Jr) Galiano Zeppadoro (Northern Burlington)  -  24-5 (R-WB1)
#4 (Sr) James Renna (Long Branch)  -  24-12 (R-WB1)

Two returning Region Champions highlight this weight class. Ortega was the champ at 113 last season, while Venet took the title at 106. The two did not meet in either the dual meet, or the Shore Conference Tournament. Zeppadoro is a 2-time D24 Champ for the Greyhounds who dropped down to 120 for the first time this season at Districts after wrestling up at 126 and 132 during the regular season. Renna will open with a Shore Conference opponent, facing the winner of Jackson Memorial's Luis Espinosa and Lakewood's Saul Marin. 
PREDICTION: Ortega (Howell)

#1 (Jr) Sebastian Ortega (Howell)  -  31-3 (NJ-5th in 2021)
#2 (So) AJ Falcone (CBA)  -  17-12 (R-5th)
#3 (Jr) Alexander Grant (Freehold Twp)  -  26-6 (R-5th)
#4 (Jr) Jonathan Espinosa (Jackson Memorial)  -  22-11 (NJ-WB1)

Ortega & Falcone also did not meet in either the dual meet, or the Shore Conference Tournament. Ortega finished 2nd in the Region as a freshman, and went on to place 5th at States. Last season he took 3rd at Regions, and was knocked out of the State Tournament in the Blood Round. Ortega defeated Grant by pin in the SCT, and majored Espinosa in the Rebels dual against the Jags. Falcone was a win short of a trip to AC as a freshman last season. He has a pinfall and 5-0 decision victory over Grant. Grant, who was also one win shy of making it to States last season, defeated Espinosa 15-8 in the Walter Woods finals. Espinosa is a returning State qualifier, finishing 4th in R6 last season at 120.
PREDICTION: Ortega (Howell)

#1 (Sr) Anthony Santaniello (Brick Memorial)  -  32-0 (NJ-1st in 2021; 3x-NJ Finalist)
#2 (Jr) Giovanni Scafidi (Howell)  -  23-3 (NJ-WB4)
#3 (Jr) Joe Dolci (TR North)  -  29-8 (NJ-WB1)
#4 (Sr) Torey Falkinburg (Manasquan - 30-8 (R-PQ)

Santaniello is looking to become the 2nd 4-time Region Champion in Brick Memorial history, joining his father Vinnie, who did it in a run from 1987-1990. He's been to three State Tournament Finals, winning the 120-pound title in 2021. Scafidi is a 2-time Region runner-up, and was a win away from a State medal last season. Dolci is a 2-time D21 Champ, and is looking for his 2nd trip to AC after finishing 4th in the Region last year. He has a pair of wins this season over Falkinburg, including a 3-0 win in the D21 final. Falkinburg opens with Neptune's Thomas Drea, with the winner getting the 5th-seeded Nikko Rucci of Jackson Memorial, the D24 Champ.
PREDICTION: Santaniello (Brick Memorial)

#1 (Jr) Alex Nini (CBA)  -  17-2 (2x-State Medalist)
#2 (Sr) Joey Giordano (Long Branch)  -  21-1 (NJ-WB4)
#3 (Sr) Angelo Messina (Freehold Boro)  -  31-2 (NJ-WB3)
#4 (Sr) Lucas Lipari (Jackson Memorial)  -  21-7 (R-6th)

Nini, who placed 8th in the State in 2021, and 4th last year,  is battling through an arm injury that caused him to miss the final month of the season leading up to the Districts. The eyes will be on him to see if he can battle through it to win his 2nd Region Title. Giordano was a 2-time State qualifier at St John Vianney, and was a win away from a medal in AC last year. He wrestled up at 144 & 150 for the Green Wave for the first month of his season, before coming down to 138 for the postseason. Messina, a 3-time District Champ, qualified for the States in 2020 and 2022, finishing up in the 3rd round of Wrestlebacks each time. Lipari is in his 4th Region Tournament, with his highest finish coming last year when he placed 6th.

#1 (Sr) Julian George (CBA)  -  24-2 (2x-State Medalist)
#2 (Jr) James Farina (Ocean Twp)  -  28-3 (2x-State Qualifier)
#3 (Sr) Kieran Bruen (Howell)  -  31-5 (NJ-WB2)
#4 (Jr) Tyler Russ (Colts Neck)  -  24-5 (NJ-WB1)

George is a 2-time Region Champion, and has won a pair of medals in AC, taking 8th in 2021, and 2nd last season. He defeated Farina, 3-1, in the D21 finals last week. His quarterfinal round opponent is set as he will face Jackson Memorial's Christopher Wolf, who won the D24 Title coming out of the 9-seed last week. Farina, a 2-time State qualifier, will open in the pre-quarters with Brick Memorial's Thomas Prince. Bruen, who advanced to AC last year after placing 3rd at 132 at Regions, has a pair of decision wins over Russ. Russ placed 4th in the Region last year at 138. If Russ is victorious in his pre-quarter bout, he would face 5th-seeded Liam Flanigan of Freehold Twp, the D23 Champ.

#1 (Sr) Tyler Barrett (CBA)  -  23-7 (NJ-3rd)
#2 (Jr) Donovan DiStefano (Wall)  -  28-1 (NJ-WB4)
#3 (Jr) Cael Huxford (Jackson Memorial)  -  13-1 (NJ-WB1)
#4 (Jr) Ryan Acquisto (Pt Boro)  -  28-7 (R-5th)

A pair of returning Region Champs in the top 2 slots here. Barrett is a 2-time Region Champion, winning as a freshman and winning last year at this weight. He finished 3rd in Atlantic City last season. DiStefano was the R6 Champ at 144 last year and was a win away from a medal in AC. The two did not meet in the SCT. Huxford, was injured on opening weekend was out until February 2nd. He's looked sharp in his return, winning the D24 last week. He was a State qualifier last season after placing 3rd at Regions. Acquisto was one win away from AC last season, taking 5th at Regions. If he wins his opener against Bordentown's Eli Evans, he will face #5 Logan Smith of Long Branch, who he defeated by injury default in the finals of the Minuteman Invitational.
PREDICTION: DiStefano (Wall)

#1 (Sr) Zander Silva (CBA)  -  24-4 (NJ-3rd)
#2 (Sr) Max Bandelt (Jackson Liberty)  -  18-5
#3 (Sr) Jack Thompson (Pt Boro)  -  (NJ-WB4)
#4 (Sr) Jack Rosta (Northern Burlington)  -  22-10 (R-5th)

Silva was the R6 Champion at this weight last season, and finished 3rd in the State. He defeated Bandelt by pin in the finals of District 21. Silva will open in the quarterfinals with D23 Champ, Quincy Esannason of Neptune. Bandelt advanced to the finals by defeating Thompson, 6-5, in the semis, which shot him into the #2 seed here. Thompson was a win away from a medal in AC last season. He opens with Brick Twp's Ian Mallon, who is making his 2nd Region appearance, in the pre-quarters. Rosta is also beginning his tournament in the pre-quarters, where he will face Brick Memorial's Maxwell Wright.

#1 (Sr) Anthony Lawrence (CBA)  -  13-11 (NJ-WB2)
#2 (Sr) Luke Hamann (Jackson Memorial)  -  34-2 (R-5th)
#3 (Sr) Joe Layton (Colts Neck)  -  24-4 (R-5th)
#4 (Sr) Joseph Berryman (Freehold Boro)  -  23-8 (NJ-WB1)

2-time District Champion Lawrence is a 4-time Region qualifier, and advanced to Atlantic City last season after placing 3rd at 175 in R6. He already has his quarterfinal opponent set, as he will face Brick Memorial freshman Trey Tallmadge, who won District 23. Hamann took 5th in the Region at 165 in 2022, and is also a 2-time District Champion. Layton was also 5th in the Region last year. He split a pair of bouts with Berryman this season, winning in the D22 final by pinfall, while Berryman won 4-2 in the dual meet. Berryman made it to States last season after finishing 4th in the Region at 157. He will wrestle in the pre-quarters against Brick Twp's Joshua Candelaria.
PREDICTION: Hamann (Jackson Memorial)

#1 (So) Harvey Ludington (Brick Memorial)  -  34-1 (NJ-1st)
#2 (Sr) Nick Stump (CBA)  -  23-10 (NJ-WB2)
#3 (Jr) Richard Esterly (Robbinsville)  -  31-2 (R-WB1)
#4 (Sr) Dontae Bryan (Hamilton West)  -  24-4 (R-WB1)

The defending Region & State Champion Ludington took his only loss this season in the finals of the Beast of the East Tournament. He has been otherwise flat out dominant, and the heavy favorite here. Stump was 3rd in the Region at 165 last season to punch a ticket to AC. He majored Bryan in the D21 finals, 14-2. Esterly is the D22 Champ. He had a pair of decision victories over Bryan. Bryan opens with Colts Neck's Dean Natale, with the winner getting D24 Champ, Omar Cholula-Conde.
PREDICTION: Ludington (Brick Memorial)

#1 (Sr) DJ Henry (Howell)  -  30-4 (NJ-WB4)
#2 (Sr) Jake Klein (Jackson Liberty)  -  29-5 (NJ-WB2)
#3 (So) Ben Szuba (Brick Memorial)  -  22-8
#4 (Sr) Peter Grippo (CBA)  -  12-17 (R-PQ)

Henry is a 2-time State qualifier, placing 3rd in the Region as a sophomore, and 2nd last season. He was a win away from the Boardwalk Hall podium last season. He majored Grippo, 13-4, in the Shore Conference Tournament. The D22 Champ already has his quarterfinal opponent set as he will face D24 Champion Paul Novello of Jackson Memorial. Klein is the only 4-time Region qualifier in this group. The R6 runner-up at 215 last season, Klein also has a win over Grippo, a pin in the D21 finals. Szuba is a part of that stretch of talented young upperweights for the Stangs. He also has a win over Grippo; a tech fall in the Shore Conference Tournament. If the seeds hold, Szuba would open with Freehold Twp's Aidan Harrington, who he majored in the D23 final.
PREDICTION: Henry (Howell)

#1 (Sr) Rob Canterino (CBA)  -  28-7 (NJ-WB4)
#2 (Jr) Collin Elam (Ewing)  -  31-2 (R-WB1)
#3 (Sr) Justin Krosnicki (Jackson Memorial)  -  (R-WB1)
#4 (Sr) Nicholas Benjamino (Freehold Twp)  -  (R-PQ)

Canterino, the Region 6 Champion at this weight last year, is the only one in this group with a Region medal on his shelf. Elam, the D24 Champ, defeated Krosnicki, 5-3 in overtime, in the D24 finals. Krosnicki opens with Will Renda of Notre Dame, who he pinned in the D24 semis. Benjamino, the D23 Champ, faces the D22 Champ, Nick Levach, the quarterfinals.
PREDICTION: Henry (Howell)

#1 (Sr) Ryan Fischer (Jackson Memorial)  -  32-1 (R-6th)
#2 (Sr) Kei'sun Sanders (Wall)  -  28-3 (R-6th in 2021)
#3 (Sr) Luis Valente (Jackson Liberty)  -  20-12 

#4 (So) Jacob Howland (Hamilton West)  -  26-1 (R-WB1)

Fischer, who won his first 29 bouts to start the season, was a 6th place finisher in the Region last year. He defeated Sanders, 1-0, in the finals of the Shore Conference Tournament. Sanders placed 6th at Regions as a sophomore at 220. Sanders pinned Valente at the Mustang Classic. Valente handed Howland his first loss of the season in the D21 finals. Valente will face another District Champion, Long Branch's Mark Godsil, the D23 Champ, in the quarterfinals. 
PREDICTION: Fischer (Jackson Memorial)