Shore Conference Wrestling

2024 Shore Conference Tournament

at Middletown South High School

Friday, January 5th
5:30pm - Round of 16 / Wrestlebacks on 5 mats

Saturday, January 6th
10:00am - Quarterfinals / Wrestlebacks on 5 mats
 - Semifinals / Wrestlebacks on 5 mats
 - 1st / 3rd / 5th Place matches on 3 mats



#1 Michael DiBiase (RBC)
#2 Ethan Michaels (Colts Neck)
#3 Luke Johnston (Howell)
#4 Ricky DeLorenzo (TR East)
#5 Sonny DiMatteo (Brick Memorial)
#6 Thomas Blewett (Middletown North)
#7 Riley Correal (St John Vianney)
#8 Josiah Sweeney (Freehold Boro)
#9 Michael DeAngelo (Pt Boro)
#10 Rowen Blackmore (Holmdel)
#11 Jordan Viera (Long Branch)
#12 Shea Tracey (Manasquan)
#13 Joseph Veniskey (Middletown South)
#14 Justin Penta (Ocean Township)
#15 William Huchko (Jackson Liberty)
#16 Aiden O'Brien (Central)

106: DiBiase will be down to 106 for the first time this season. A State Qualifier in each of his first two seasons while at Wall, DiBiase placed 4th in the SCT last season. DiBiase had a pair of wins over #2 Michaels last season, a major in the D22 Finals, and a pin at Regions. Micahels is undefeated this season and won titles at the Holmdel Holiday Tournament and the TCNJ Pride Tournament, where he defeated #5 DiMatteo in the finals, 5-3. DiMatteo is a part of the five freshman seeded 3-7. A couple of the notables missing from this weight are Anthony Mason of Southern, the Region 7 Champ last season, and CBA's talented freshman Killian Coluccio.


#1 Joey DeAngelo (Pt Boro)
#2 Brady Klinsky (Middletown North)
#3 Anthony Urso (Jackson Liberty)
#4 Joe Weikel (Jackson Memorial)
#5 Brendan Schuler (Lacey)
#6 Gavin Martin (Brick Memorial)
#7 Eamon Fry (Rumson)
#8 Nick Sheldrick (Raritan)
#9 Dylan Placca (Holmdel)
#10 Nicholas Speer (Barnegat)
#11 Amando Herrera (Asbury Park)
#12 Trevor Doremus (Shore)
#13 Lucas D'Elia (Brick Twp)
#14 Ciaran O'Reilly (Middletown South)
#15 Omar Carrillo-Solano (Wall)
#16 Mason Lugo (Central)

113: #1 DeAngelo was 3rd in the SCT at 106 last season. He's a 2-time State Qualifier who was a win away from a medal in AC last season. He placed 3rd at last week's Sam Cali Tournament.

#2 Klinsky, who has also made a pair of trips to AC in his career, was the SCT Champion at 106 in 2023. He won his 3rd Mustang Classic Title this season, and his only loss has come at the hands of CBA's freshman phenom, Paul Kenny. 

#3 Urso & #4 Weikel both made the trip to AC last season. Urso, a Region 6 runner-up last season, finished 3rd at the Mustang this season. Weikel, who took 1st-place at the Walter Woods Tournament, has a win this season over #5 Schuler, who has a win over #6 Martin, a 2-time District Champ, in the finals of the TCNJ Pride Tournament.

#7 Fry was a District 19 Champ last year.


#1 Kurt Wehner (Donovan Catholic)
#2 Matt Gould (St John Vianney)
#3 Michael Napolitano (Brick Memorial)
#4 Andrew Mucciolo (Manalapan)
#5 Armani McCann (Jackson Liberty)
#6 Nicholas Paulino (Holmdel)
#7 Colin Barone (Colts Neck)
#8 Sam Sheridan (Freehold Boro)
#9 Kevin Ruland (Red Bank)
#10 Charles Mahoney (Wall)
#11 Aidan Flynn (Lacey)
#12 Elijah Bayne (Rumson)
#13 Ryan Romano (Middletown South)
#14 Tyler Oden (Middletown North)
#15 Tony Lourido (Howell)
#16 Edward Hall (Marlboro)

120: Top-seeded Wehner is a 2-time State medal winner, finishing 7th in 2022 and 5th last year. He won the 120-pound title at this year's Mustang Classic. 

#2 Gould placed 8th in the state as a freshman last season at 106, and was the runner-up at the SCT at that weight in last year's tournament. He wrestled at 113 at the Beast of the East this year, and finished 4th at the Sam Cali at 120.

#3 Napolitano punched a ticket to AC last year after winning the D23 Title and placing 3rd at Regions at 106. He took 1st at this year's TCNJ Pride Tournament. 

#4 Mucciolo and #5 McCann each placed 5th at Regions last season, with Mucciolo at 113 in Region 5, while McCann was at 106 in Region 6. Mucciolo was the TCNJ Pride Champ at 126 this year, while McCann won 4 matches at the Beast of the East, just missing out on a medal. As of this writing, McCann is set to open up against #12 Bayne, who was a 2-time State Champion at Oregon.

#6 Paulino has a win over #7 Barone, who has a win over #8 Sheridan, who split a pair of bouts with #10 Mahoney, who has a win over Paulino.

#9 Ruland, a District runner-up last year, is unbeaten this season with 1st-place finishes at the Walter Woods and the Gator Tournament.

Among the notables not entered are CBA's Bobby Duffy, who was the 2023 SCT Champ at 113 last season.


#1 Anthony Knox (St John Vianney)
#2 Ryan Dubnik (Freehold Twp)
#3 Jay Seda (Jackson Memorial)
#4 Kson Young (Brick Memorial)
#5 Frankie Burgio (Pt Boro)
#6 Sawyer Ostroff (Donovan Catholic)
#7 Tucker Pazinko (Jackson Liberty)
#8 Jacob Portman (Middletown North)
#9 Jaton Wellington (TR East)
#10 Julian Duque (Rumson)
#11 Steven Perez (Ocean Township)
#12 Ben Waitzel (Wall)
#13 Luke DeBenedett (Pt Beach)
#14 Dom Sena (Red Bank)
#15 Michael Borao (Colts Neck)
#16 William Greiner (Holmdel)

126: 2-time State Champion #1 Knox opened the season by winning a title at the Beast of the East. He is looking to make it back-to-back SCT Titles.

#2 Dubnik has been a great story for the Patriots, jumping out to a 9-0 start to the season with 1st-place finishes at the Ron Mazzola Memorial and the Walter Woods Tournament, after missing almost the entire season in 2023. His win in the Walter Woods Final came over #3 Seda, a District Champ and a State Qualifier in 2022.

#4 Young shocked #5 Burgio, a 2-time State Qualifier, by pinning him in the TCNJ Pride semifinals, where Young went on to finish 2nd. Burgio rebounded with a 5th-place finish at the Sam Cali.

#6 Ostroff is a 2-time State Qualifier and finished 3rd in last year's SCT at this weight.

#7 Pazinko is the 6th previous State Qualifier in this weight class, placing 3rd at Regions last season. He was a runner-up at this year's Mustang Classic. 

Another previous State Qualifier, Noah Michaels of RBC, withdrew from the tournament.


#1 Patrick O'Keefe (St John Vianney)
#2 Lawrence Liss (Matawan)
#3 Alexander Grant (Freehold Twp)
#4 Dom Terracciano (Keansburg)
#5 Aidan Davis (Raritan)
#6 PJ Niethe (Pt Beach)
#7 Austin Mitrosky (Manchester)
#8 Ryan Walsh (Monmouth)
#9 Dominic Volek (Ocean Township)
#10 Logan Bucci (TR East)
#11 Rocco Gaudious (Jackson Memorial)
#12 Joseph Leskowski (Brick Twp)
#13 AJ Fernandez (Holmdel)
#14 Sonny Pechillo (Wall)
#15 Josiah Hart (Pinelands)

132: #1 O'Keefe, the runner-up at 113 in last year's SCT, is a 2-time State Medalist, placing 2nd in 2022 and 8th last season. He placed 4th at this year's Sam Cali.

A 2-time State Qualifier, Liss wrestled down at 126 at last week's Hunterdon Central Invitational where he took 1st-place. 

#3 Grant was the D23 Champ at 126 last season, and advanced to Atlantic City after finishing 4th at Regions. He was the runner-up at 132 in this year's Ron Mazzola Memorial.

#4 Terracciano, a 2-time District Medalist, is 7-0 on the season with 7 first period pins. He's 1 of 2 Titans participating in this year's SCT.

Previous #2 seed Xavier Ortega of Howell withdrew from the tournament.


#1 Sebastian Ortega (Howell)
#2 Joe Dolci (TR North)
#3 Jonathan Espinosa (Jackson Memorial)
#4 Justin Fearon (Middletown North)
#5 Boomer Volek (Ocean Township)
#6 Vinny Kain (Manalapan)
#7 Michael O'Connor (Manasquan)
#8 Richie Kulessa (TR East)
#9 Andrew Sherry (Brick Twp)
#10 Riley Gutierrez (Donovan Catholic)
#11 Parker Quinn (Wall)
#12 Javier Guzman (Long Branch)
#13 Ben Smolensky (Middletown South)
#14 Alexander Liss (Matawan)

138: Top-seeded Ortega is a 3-time State Qualifier and reached the podium in 2021, placing 5th. He took 2nd at 126 in last year's SCT.

#2 Dolci is a 2-time District Champion and has twice made the trip to Atlantic City. He's unbeaten to start the season, and won titles at the Hammonton Kickoff and Holmdel Holiday Tournaments.

#3 Espinosa is also a 2-time District Champ and advanced to States as a sophomore in 2022. 

#4 Fearon also made it to Atlantic City in 2022. He finished 2nd at last week's Mustang Classic.

#5 Volek makes his first appearance at 138 after wrestling up at 144 so far this season. He was a runner-up at both the Delaware Valley Tournament and the Mustang Classic.

A 2-time District Champ, #6 Kain is undefeated this season, with 1st-place finishes at the TCNJ Pride and Walter Woods Tournaments. His win in the Woods' finals came over #7 O'Connor, which was O'Connor's only loss on the year. In addition to his 2nd place finish at the Walter Woods, O'Connor took 1st-place at the Garden State Classic

Of the notables not here, SJV's Jake Zaltsman was seeded #2, but withdrew from the tournament, and State Qualifiers AJ Falcone of CBA and Bryce Manera of Southern.


#1 Zach Reilley (Raritan)
#2 Sonny Amato (Rumson)
#3 Giovanni Scafidi (Howell)
#4 Dezmond Lenaghan 
(St John Vianney)
#5 Jack Torre (Brick Memorial)
#6 Michael McNulty (Manasquan)
#7 Jason Huss (Red Bank)
#8 Anthony Mucciolo (Manalapan)
#9 Daniel Ramirez (Long Branch)
#10 Joe Preziose (Monmouth)
#11 Chris Collins (Jackson Memorial)
#12 Jack McCormick (Freehold Twp)
#13 Matt LaBianca (Jackson Liberty)
#14 Brayden Clark (Pt Boro)
#15 Aiden O'Halloran (Barnegat)

144: #1 Reilley was 5th in the state last season at 138, and is looking to make it back-to-back SCT Titles after winning last season at 138. His lone loss this season was in the Ron Mazzola Finals to CBA's 3-time State Medalist, Alex Nini.

The talented freshman #2 Amato finished in 2nd-place at the Sam Cali Tournament, and 4th at the Beast of the East.

#3 Scafidi is a 3-time State Qualifier. He finished in 2nd-place at last year's SCT at 132.

#4 Lenaghan, a 2-time State Qualifier while at Donovan Catholic, made his season debut for SJV on Wednesday night with a pin over RBC's Marco Conroy, who was seeded #5 prior to withdrawing. 

New #5 Torre was the 144-pound champ at the TCNJ Pride Tournament. 

In addition to Nini and Conroy, also not here is Southern's Wyatt Stout, who placed 6th in the State at 132 last season.


#1 Donovan DiStefano (Wall)
#2 James Farina (Ocean Township)
#3 Alex Delaurier (Raritan)
#4 Cael Huxford (Jackson Memorial)
#5 Tyler Russ (Colts Neck)
#6 Matt Gauthier (Lacey)
#7 Alec Holland (Middletown South)
#8 Robert Connelley (RBC)
#9 Nick Miller (Long Branch)
#10 Bubba Gavrish (St John Vianney)
#11 Walker Skove (Rumson)
#12 Garrett Weiland (Pt Boro)
#13 Cesar Santome (Neptune)
#14 Devon Yeboah (Monmouth)
#15 Matt Giudice (Manalapan)

150: One of the deeper weights here. #1 DiStefano is a 2-time Region Champion and 3-time State Qualifier, finishing just one win short of a medal in each of the last two trips. The 157-pound champ at the Holmdel Holiday Tournament this year, DiStefano finished 3rd at last year's SCT at 150.

#2 Farina is also a 3-time State Qualifier and was a win short of the AC podium in 2023 at 144. A champ at the Delaware Valley Tournament and a runner-up at the Mustang Classic this season, Farina split a pair of bouts with DiStefano last year, with DiStefano winning in the Mustang Finals, while Farina avenged with a win in the SCT semis.

#3 Delaurier punched a ticket to AC last year after winning a D20 title and finishing 4th at Regions. His lone loss this season came to CBA's Tyler Venet in the Ron Mazzola Finals. He has head to head wins this year over #6 Gauthier and #8 Connelley.

#4 Huxford is a 2-time State Qualifier. He finished 2nd at the Robin Leff this season and won the 150-pound weight class at the Walter Woods, highlighted by a finals win over #7 Holland.

#5 Russ is the 5th previous State Qualifier in this weight. He's undefeated this season and took 1st-place at the150-pound weight classes at the Holmdel Holiday Tournament and TCNJ Pride Tournament, where he defeated #6 Gauthier, a 2-time 5th-place finisher at Regions, in the finals. 


#1 Matt Castelli (Middletown North)
#2 Jake Clayton (Pt Boro)
#3 Jordan Ayyash (Jackson Liberty)
#4 JJ Machnik (Howell)
#5 Caden Langan (TR South)
#6 Logan Acevedo (Raritan)
#7 John Saraiva (St John Vianney)
#8 Jack Cleary (Holmdel)
#9 Jeremy Marsella (Wall)
#10 Ryan Willi (Middletown South)
#11 Christian Rodriguez (RBC)
#12 Nicholas Fischer (Colts Neck)
#13 Alex Jang (Marlboro)
#14 Tyler Muranelli (Freehold Twp)
#15 Connor Brewer (Manasquan)

157: #1 Castelli is the lone entrant here with AC experience after finishing 3rd in Region 5 at 157 last season. 

#2 Clayton is off to a 10-1 start in his freshman season, highlighted by a 1st-place finish at the TCNJ Pride Tournament that included a win over State Qualifier Mason Pirnik of Brick Memorial.

#3 Ayyash finished 5th in Region 6 at 150 a year ago, while #4 Machnik was 6th at 138 in Region 6. #5 Langan, a Walter Woods Tournament Champ this year, was 6th at 150 in Region 7.

Of course, if I'm going to mention wrestlers not entered, have to mention Southern's Matt Henrich, the 2023 State Champ at 150.


#1 Cole Stangle (St John Vianney)
#2 Colin Palumbo (Matawan)
#3 Frank Romeo (RBC)
#4 Cristian Cunalata (Long Branch)
#5 Christian Cady (Rumson)
#6 Luke Palmieri (Monmouth)
#7 Ryan Wolf (Jackson Memorial)
#8 Travis Trempy (Brick Twp)
#9 Josh Calixte (Ocean Township)
#10 Brody Kaplan (Colts Neck)
#11 Shawn Retta (Keansburg)
#12 Cole Torres (Shore)
#13 Max Fredercks (Keyport)
#14 Ayden Delaney (Central)
#15 Matt Caccamo (Middletown South)

165: #1 Stangle is a 2-time State Qualifier who was a win away from a medal in Atlantic City last season. He finished 3rd at last year's SCT at 150, and was 3rd this season at the Sam Cali Tournament.

The District 20 Champ at 150 in 2023, #2 Palumbo advanced to AC last year after finishing 4th at Regions. He was the 165-pound champ at the Ron Mazzola Memorial.

#3 Romeo was a win away from States last season after finishing 5th at Regions. He was 3rd at the Robin Leff and 4th at the Mustang Classic tournaments this December. He defeated #4 Cunalata, 11-4, in the RBC/LB dual earlier this season.


#1 Tanner Hodgins (Howell)
#2 Tornick Kajaia (Long Branch)
#3 Ryan Acquisto (Pt Boro)
#4 Trey Tallmadge (Brick Twp)
#5 AJ Todisco (Holmdel)
#6 Tyler Palumbo (Red Bank)
#7 Daniel Benbrook (Middletown North)
#8 Brian Lee (Manasquan)
#9 Luke Dougherty (Rumson)
#10 Nicholas Wonsala (Wall)
#11 William Kovacs (Jackson Memorial)
#12 Devin Leonardo (Marlboro)
#13 Lucas White (Shore)
#14 Joey Davis (Lacey)

175: Another of the Shore's talented freshman lies in this weight with Hodgins getting the top-seed. He's wrestled at 165 entirely this season, but is up at 175 for the SCT.

#2 Kajaia was a State Qualifier as a freshman last season after taking 3rd in Region 6 at 175. He's undefeated this season, highlighted by a 1st-place finish at the Hunterdon Central Tournament. 

Acquisto jumped into the #3 slot on the back of his win over #4 Tallmadge. Acquisto has placed in three tournaments so far this season, taking 1st at the TCNJ Pride, 3rd at the Robin Leff, and 4th at the Sam Cali.

Tallmadge was a District 23 Champ last year, and advanced to States after placing 4th at Regions. He finished 2nd at the Mustang Classic and 3rd at the TCNJ Pride tournaments this year.

#5 Todisco, who was 5th at Regions last year, was the 175-pound champ at the Holmdel Holiday Tournament last week. He suffered his first loss of the season on Wednesday, dropping a 6-0 decision to #9 Dougherty.

#6 Palumbo was the 175-pound champ at the Walter Woods Tournament this year. He has just one loss on the season, to #2 Kajaia, 2-1. 


#1 Alex Reyes (Holmdel)
#2 Conor Delaney (Rumson)
#3 Noah Mammeri (Manasquan)
#4 Constantine Kilaras (Manalapan)
#5 Tyler Taylor (Long Branch)
#6 Thomas Schulter (Pt Beach)
#7 Tanner Hynes (Pt Boro)
#8 Danny Farina (Ocean Township)
#9 Ksawey Niewiadomy (Jackson Liberty)
#10 Jack Stetter (Shore)
#11 Stephen McGuire (Howell)
#12 Terrence Thomas (TR East)
#13 Shawn Goode (Middletown South)
#14 Jessup Adams (Jackson Memorial)
#15 Frank Bevacqua (Brick Twp)
#16 Peter Gozsa (Freehold Twp)

190: With Brick Memorial's Harvey Ludington, a 2022 State Champion, and a Beast of the East & Mustang Classic Champion this season, not entering this year's SCT, it opens things up a little bit.

#1 Reyes, a Region runner-up who was one win away from a State medal last season, dropped an 8-5 decision to #2 Delaney, also a returning State Tournament participant, on Wednesday night.

#3 Mammeri was 1st-place at the Garden State Classic and 3rd-place at the Walter Woods Tournament for the Warriors. He has a 6-5 win over #6 Schulter.

#4 Kilaras won the 190-pound championship at the TCNJ Pride Tournament, and was 2nd at the Walter Woods.

#5 Taylor took 2nd-place at the Hunterdon Central Tournament, while the previously mentioned Schulter was the champ at the East Brunswick Bear Invitational. 


#1 Hudson Skove (Rumson)
#2 Ben Szuba (Brick Memorial)
#3 Amir Shakhnavazov (Colts Neck)
#4 Dane Colfer (Howell)
#5 Jake Schettino (Middletown North)
#6 Jon Gazerwitz (Raritan)
#7 Evan Eckerstrom (Red Bank)
#8 Carter Stokes (Freehold Boro)
#9 Raymere Mahadeo (Barnegat)
#10 Iquann Crawford (Asbury Park)
#11 Mark Agban (Jackson Liberty)
#12 Dylan Trinidad (Lacey)
#13 Mamoun Chater (RBC)
#14 Marcos Kaiafas (Pt Beach)
#15 Chris Farrant (TR South)
#16 Will Walsh (Brick Twp)

215:  This weight kept its star power with top-seeded returning State Champion Skove. The senior will be looking to make it back-to-back SCT Titles after winning the 190-pound crown last season.

#2 Szuba, won a District 23 Title last season, and punched a ticket to AC after finishing 3rd at Regions. He's won titles at the Mustang Classic this year, as well as the TCNJ Pride Tournament, where he pinned #3 Shakhnavazov in the finals.

In addition to finishing 2nd at the TCNJ Pride tourney, Shakhnavazov also took 2nd at the Holmdel Holiday Tournament.

#4 Colfer took 1st-place at the Paulsboro Tournament on opening weekend. 

#5 Jake Schettino pinned #6 Jon Gazerwitz, a 2nd-place finisher at the Ron Mazzola Memorial, in the Lions' dual against the Rockets.

#7 Eckerstrom is undefeated this season with 1st-place finishes at the Gateway Gator and the Walter Woods Tournament.



#1 James Lynch (TR East)
#2 Sam Rock (Donovan Catholic)
#3 Brody Sager (Lacey)
#4 Matt Smith (Rumson)
#5 Onesimo Nieto (Freehold Boro)
#6 John Gann (Holmdel)
#7 George Walsh (Pt Boro)
#8 Mohammad Targali (Matawan)
#9 Christian Torres (Pt Beach)
#10 Michael Dwyer (Middletown North)
#11 Reggie Bennett (Manalapan)
#12 Cole Ganska (TR North)
#13 Steven Gobraiel (Brick Memorial)
#14 Abi Andre (Ocean Township)

Hwt: With 2-time Region Champ, and 2022 State Medalist, Lorenzo Portella of RBC not entered, Lynch gets the #1 seed. Lynch, who was a District and Region runner-up last season, is undefeated this season and has won titles at the Ron Mazzola Memorial and Hunterdon Central tournaments. 8 of his 9 wins have come via 1st-period pin.

#2 Rock is a returning State Qualifier whose only loss this season came in the finals of the Mustang Classic to Portella, 5-1.

#3 Sager took 1st-place at the TCNJ Pride Tournament and has wins over #7 Walsh and #8 Targali.

#4 Smith won the East Brunswick tournament and was 3rd at the Ron Mazzola Memorial.

#5 Nieto is unbeaten for the Colonials this season, splitting time at 215 & Hwt. He won the heavyweight bracket at the Holmdel Holiday Tournament, defeating #6 Gann, 2-0, along the way.